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Rotherham kids’ storytelling game goes into production thanks to £5000 Kickstarter campaign

By Samantha Lewis

A charity in Yorkshire has raised enough money for a storytelling game, created by a group of young people, to be brought to life.

The Kickstarter campaign by Rotherham literacy charity, Grimm & Co, aimed to raise £5000 for a game created by 19 children who attend their Saturday club.

Louise Treloar, Grimm & Co’s communications coordinator, said creating the game, Twists & Tales, alongside raising all of the money had been a long process, but boosted confidence and creativity.

She told Yorkshire Voice: “Working on the game has been so much fun for the children, who have grown in confidence during the process.”

She added: “The creation and playtesting has given them the belief that their ideas and imaginations are great, which really helps with their confidence, self-belief, and self-esteem. 

“This has also been given a boost by the success of the Kickstarter appeal – knowing that people from around the world believe in their game and think it’s worthwhile and brilliant for the children.”

Twists & Tales is suited for all as there is no age limit, and is designed to be played in a variety of ways including independently, competitively, collaboratively and by telling stories out loud.

The aim was to make it accessible to as many different people as possible, taking the scariness out of having to come up with stories on the spot.

The game uses cards for players to create their own stories – such as about a smartly-dressed business shark who hates losing money, or two pieces of luggage who fall in love at the airport but get separated on the conveyor belt.

Claire, parent of Connor, one of the creators, said: “I am incredibly proud of what these kids have done, and it’s fabulous that it’s a game made by children that will be enjoyed by the whole family”.

Another parent explained how this project had given their child opportunities which they may not otherwise have had.

“This has been a massive confidence boost for Finn.

“What you notice at school is that all of the academic kids are the ones who always get the lead, and get the special jobs. Finn never gets any of that, and it’s wonderful that he has been a champion of this through Grimm & Co.

“We are so thrilled,” said Carly, parent of Finn.

With help from the Treehouse Board Game Cafe in Sheffield, the designs and artwork are almost complete. 

The group hopes to have the game finished by Christmas, where it will then be available to purchase on the charity’s website, and in store.

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