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Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer: Twitter reacts

By Tom Clayton

ROCKSTAR Games’ latest release Red Dead Redemption 2 is due to hit shelves in October 2018 and people online are now facing some tough decisions.

The game is the first non-remastered release made by the New York-based firm since Grand Theft Auto V in 2013 and is set to rejoin the American Frontier, following on from its predecessor “Red Dead Redemption.”

Fans across the world reacted to the launch trailer on Thursday, eight days before the game is due to be released.

After seeing the trailer, some fans were speculating preorders…

Elsewhere, some people are preparing for what could be a long night for them.

People are that excited that the game is trending on Twitter, but spelled incorrectly!

Some people, however, are controversially more focussed on other upcoming games that could rival the title.

Others were more impressed with other launch trailers.

But with it being one of the biggest releases of the year, Twitter has shown how the game has even international appeal.

The game’s official release date is 26th October 2018 but will be available for digital download the night before release.

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