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Watchdogs praise West Yorkshire Police

Police watchdogs have praised the West Yorkshire Police force for their understanding, restraint and spending efficiency, however force chiefs believe more severe financial challenges lie ahead.

Roger Baker, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary for the Northern Region said the force suffered one of the harshest budget cuts of the all the UK’s forces but despite this, crime in the area has continued to fall.

Mr Baker said: “Despite major change, and significant reductions in staffing, the force has continued to provide effective policing; crime has continued to fall in West Yorkshire throughout this period at a greater rate than elsewhere and victims’ satisfaction with the police is high.”


One of the things that particularly impressed HMIC was the force’s good understanding of the needs of local residents and communities.

Deputy Chief Constable Dee Collins of the West Yorkshire Police said: “I want to reassure people that we remain fully committed to sustaining our front line.”

Those neighbourhood officers who serve and support our communities and work with partners at a local level and will provide the public with the best service that we can, given the resources at our disposal.”

Another report released by The Independent Police Complaints Commissiontoday stated that West Yorkshire officers use their tasers significantly less than their Humberside and Lincolnshire equivalents.

Dep. Chief Cons. Collins  says that with more severe cuts to be made in the next few years it may be difficult to maintain this performance.

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