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Popular healthy fast food chain ‘Leon’ arrives in Leeds train station

By Kudzai Chinembiri

New Leon store in Leeds Station

A popular healthy fast food restaurant has opened its first branch in Yorkshire.

Leon opened on Tuesday (December 3) in Leeds train station.

Founded in 2004, there are now 74 Leon restaurants in total across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Melissa Bignall, operations manager for owners SSPUK said: We decided that Leeds would be the best place to open a new store.”

The first Leon restaurant opened was on Carnaby street in London.

The menu is inspired by flavours, variety and natural healthiness of Mediterranean cooking and there will be two dishes exclusive to Leeds – a new bacon and egg avocado pot and big box lentil masala.

Melissa also said: “We did a soft launch on Monday and invited 200 people for lunch and had a long queue through the concourse.”

Their aim is creating naturally fast food that is affordable, tasty and kind to the planet.

“Leeds is a very big city we want commuters to be able to get their food as quickly as possible,” she added.
The new opening has received a lot of positive feedback, from customers, making it the third restaurant to open in the north just after two in Manchester.

One customer said “The food is wonderful it really adds more to the food scene in Leeds”

The restaurant had a good response from twitter users.

The new restaurant will be Leon’s first ever digital Leon, allowing commuters to order electronically.

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