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Only two thirds of Britons plan to stick to the ‘rule of six’ at Christmas

According to a YouGov Poll, if the rule of six is in place on Christmas day, only two thirds of Brits will stick to it.

This comes as Victoria Derbyshire publicly apologised this morning for comments made in a Radio Times interview which suggested that she and her family would ignore the guidelines should they be in place on Christmas day.

Although she apologised, the comments have still sparked debate amongst UK residents over whether they too would adhere to guidelines at Christmas.

A national survey of 5677 people found that while the majority plan to stick to the guidelines, almost a third will not or are unsure.

Yorkshire Voice

Across the northern regions the statistics are fairly similar, falling only slightly below the national percentage.

Yorkshire Voice

London is the region least likely to abide with restrictions while the Midlands and Wales are the most.

Yorkshire Voice

Furthermore, young people aged 18-24 have been identified as the group least likely to follow restrictions should they still be in place.

Yorkshire Voice

With COVID death rates reportedly rising, it remains to be seen whether the restrictions will in fact be in place over the festive period.

On social media the divisions are apparent, with many apparently seeing the festive period as more important than government advice.

Meanwhile, others have noted how non-christian celebrations such as Eid occurred during lockdown and there was no leniency in terms of restrictions.


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