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Online retailer Good Sixty launching in Leeds Kirkgate Market on October 25.

Good Sixty, an online retailer founded in London’s Borough Market, will be launching in Kirkgate Market on October 25.

The Good Sixty stall in Kirkgate Market ahead of its opening

The new launch will allow Leeds’ locals to shop online for locally sourced produce sold by several small, independent businesses in Kirkgate Market.

According to Good Sixty’s website, every pound that is spent with a local, independent shop or producer has a 60% greater economic benefit to the Leeds community than spending it at a large retailer or supermarket.

Chris Edwards, founder of Good Sixty, said: “Supporting independent retailers and producers has never been more important.

“If we want to help our high streets and food markets thrive, we need to resist Amazon and other retail giants.

“Leeds Kirkgate has a wealth of independent producers, but it really is a matter of ‘use them or lose them.’”

Panda Refills is one independent retailer who opened their stall in 2020 as part of Kirkgate Market’s push to attract a younger and more environmentally conscious demographic.

Panda Refills, a zero waste shop in Kirkgate Market

Aimee Brown, co-founder of Panda Refills, said: “It’s cheaper to open a shop in the market than the town centre which means small businesses are able to thrive here.

“Good Sixty will help us traders sell locally and grow our businesses.”

A study by Waitrose found that online food shopping increased by 61% during the Covid-19 pandemic, but many businesses in Kirkgate Market did not have a platform to sell their products online.

Aimee added: “We will definitely be taking advantage of Good Sixty to help us get into the online market.”

One business which has already infiltrated the online market is Malcolm Michael’s Quality Butchers Ltd., who have nearly 12,000 followers on Facebook.

Marcus Leary (left) and Nathan Thorp

Malcolm Leary has worked as a butcher in Kirkgate Market for nearly 40 years and is now training his son, Marcus Leary, and business partner’s son, Nathan Thorp, to take over the business.

Nathan said: “We’re getting more orders online now than ever before, even more than over the phone or in the shop.

“All the shortages at the moment with lorry drivers and Covid are probably making things a bit harder for us, but we’re still delivering at least 10 online orders a day and even more on Saturdays.”

Currently, the butchers are accepting and delivering all their online orders themselves, but the Good Sixty launch will help them to manage and expand their growing online business.

Traders across the market have said they hope Good Sixty will help put money back into the local community after the difficulties that they have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To find out more about the launch, visit the Good Sixty stall in Kirkgate Market.

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