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NIHL: Leeds Knights 5-1 Telford Tigers 

National Ice Hockey League leaders Leeds Knights bounce back from a disastrous first period to thrash Telford Tigers.


It was almost the perfect start for Leeds Knights when forward Oli Endicott had a good chance to score but it was saved by the Tigers netminder. The first goal of the match and first period would be scored by Telford Tigers’ Finley Howells who managed to chip the puck in the net which was followed by a crashing celebration as he threw himself into the barricade. This is exactly how it started with Knights last encounter with the Tigers. There would be another near chance for the Knights when forwards Jordan Buesa and Matt Barron had a scrappy chance for goal, but the Tigers defence was too strong for them. Once again there was another chance at goal for Leeds Knights this time it was Matt Haywood who had the chance, but the Tigers defence were at it again and the score was still in their favour. Seconds later Tigers nearly had their second goal, but the Knights netminder was able to block it despite a bit of a hesitant chance to catch the puck. A penalty would result in the loss of Tigers’ Vladimir Luka which would see him go off for two minutes. But after he came back on it was Leeds Knights who would be a man down for the rest of the first period and it was forward Mac Howlett who was sent off and Tigers would take the 1-0 lead at the end of period 1. 

The second period was underway and Howlett for Leeds Knights would make his return after he was penalised in the first period. Despite a lacking first period for the Knights, they would have their first goal when the puck was assisted by Haywood, he saw defender Dylan Hehir who slotted a perfect goal to equalise. Second later Leeds would have the lead when it was Kieron Brown who scored the goal after it was assisted by forward Ethan Hehir. Halfway through the second period there was a bit of a rough ride when Tigers’ Scott McKenzie came on, he pushed down Leeds’ 19 much to boos of the Leeds fans. Despite that Knights fans spirits would be lifted when it was Noah McMullin who scored the third goal for Leeds with this period easily going the Knights way. This period would punish Tigers more when it was James Smith who received a penalty and it was his turn to be off for two minutes. 

It was now the third period and final period of the match and after Twelve seconds into the period, a scuffle broke out at the Leeds goal after Tigers nearly produced their second goal. There would be more trouble though for the Knights when forward Finn Bradon was off for two minutes. Another player would receive a penalty and it was Knights Ethan Hehir. After a quiet period for most of it, Leeds bagged their fourth goal and it was Buesa who made huge skate through the Tigers defence to score. It wouldn’t be long for another goal for the Knights and it was Mac Howlett who scored the same way Buesa scored to end this game on a massive high and show how dominant Leeds Knights are this season. 

Coach Ryan Aldridge was happy with the result and was happy his side improved from the first period: 

“The first period wasn’t our best that’s for sure I don’t think we gave enough but the boys found a way in the second period to get us going. 

“That was a massive goal from Dylan (Hehir) that was what got us going, it was a spark and Noah (McMullin) was unbelievable tonight.” 

Period 1: 

Telford Tigers 

16, F. Howells 4:44 

Period 2: 

Leeds Knights: 

24, D. Hehir 6:19 

12, K. Brown 7:00 

54, N. McMullin 12:40 

Period 3: 

Leeds Knights: 

9, J. Buesa 18:03 

95, M. Howlett 19:40 

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