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Motocross enthusiasts want help from local authorities to stop track closures and illegal riding

By Monika Parnarauskaite

The battle between motocross enthusiasts and local authorities continues.

As reported by Yorkshire Voice in the past, several training facilities have been forced to shut for a number of reasons, the main one being noise complaints.

But now, members of the motocross community are calling out for more support from governing bodies and councils.

Professional rider Martin Barr said governing bodies need to play a part in helping the next generation of riders progress through the sport as well as improving the way motocross is perceived.

Leonard Woodcock, father of the Youth British Champion, Dylan Woodcock, believes this is a big issue for parents, as they are expected to spend more money to ensure their kids have a safe facility to ride.

Off-road Action Park, a local track that Woodcock trained at for years, was given a notice to shut due to the site being developed on green belt land as well as without permission, back in May 2015.

Echo News reported that almost two years later, a petition was started by the owner of the track, in a bid to re-open the popular activity park, which has received over 2,800 signatures.

But despite their best efforts, the council has rejected the planning application put forward by the owner, Philip McCaul.

Dylan Woodcock, 17, said: “By taking away this track, has made people ride on the waste land and parks, getting into all kinds of trouble because they can’t afford to drive for miles to ride.”

As a result of the closure, Dylan had to move away from home, in order to continue working hard on his motocross dream. This is something many other young riders have to do in order to be able to compete at a professional level.

Dylan Woodcock said: “It just shows how much my lifestyle has had to change just because one track has closed. So I hope other people see why it’s important for not just me, but other people that are trying to be better.”

It is clear that members of the motocross community are keen on working closely alongside local authorities and to help them understand more about the sport, as well as their needs as a sporting community.

Leonard Woodcock said that riding facilities provided by the council are not at the standard required for more experienced riders like his son.

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