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Lord Mayor of Leeds gets his booster jab to encourage people to follow his example

The Lord Mayor of Leeds has urged people in the city to get vaccinated, as the government announced tighter measures to combat the spread of the new Omicron strain.

From Friday December 9, masks will be mandatory in more public areas – including theatres and cinemas – and from Monday December 13 employees will be urged to work from home to reduce contact in the workplace.

Also, from Wednesday December 15 anyone attending a nightclub will need to show their Covid-19 NHS passport.

This week is also significant as it marks the one-year anniversary of the first Covid-19 vaccine jab, with Margaret Keenan having the first Pfizer vaccination.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Asghar Khan, was at the Elland Road vaccination centre to receive his booster jab and told Yorkshire Voice: “I want to lead from the front.

“The only reason I got this booster was to show it’s safe for everybody. If it’s safe for me it’s safe for everybody.”

A local volunteer at the Yorkshire Showground vaccination centre said that since the new variant was discovered she had found there was an increase in people coming to get their booster jab, and people were more willing and respectful.

She told Yorkshire Voice: “Early on with the Pfizer vaccine people were really aggressive when waiting their 15 minutes and reluctant to even get a vaccine at all.”

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