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Leeds Winter Market Provides A Platform For Over 120 Local Businesses To Increase Visibility And Sales


Elena Rubiu from Nibaru Ceramics selling pottery

This year’s popular Leeds Winter Market recently took place at the Royal Armouries.

Over 120 Stalls were set up showcasing a mix of cultures from around the world. Filling Royal Armouries with over 100 carefully curated independent designer stalls – from artists, designers & printmakers, to florists, beauty, wellbeing, jewellery, fashion, artisan food sellers, and many more.

Leeds Winter Market held its first event at the Government Town Hall in 2017 attracting over 18,000 people.

They are committed to helping and supporting small businesses and give them a platform to help increase visibility and sales.

Sustainability is at the centre of the entire winter market. Despite the many storms the entire market went through during the epidemic, they always paid their staff at least the living wage.

A spokesperson from the Market said: ‘’To be successful is not a bad thing, to price yourself and your product at a price that means you can survive is not a bad thing, and to stick to your morals and ethos since the inception of your business is a beautiful thing.”

Many operators have expressed their gratitude for the establishment of this platform. The owners of coffee stall Cup of Kin said:” I wouldn’t be able to do this without the huge community that you all had built.”

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