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Leeds volunteer group attempts to combat risks caused by alcohol misuse

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Street Angels Leeds is a volunteer group that was launched to keep the public safe when they are intoxicated and reduce crime in the hope of making Leeds city centre a safer place to be on a night out.

According to the chief coordinator Ian Brocklebank, the number of volunteers out on patrol each night can vary from two to six people depending on who is available to volunteer.

They carry a bag of safety essentials including water, foil blankets, taxi numbers and contraptions to help prevent unwanted substances from being dropped in drinks.

Alcohol misuse is the biggest cause of death, ill health and disability among 15–49-year-olds today according to Alcohol Change UK.

The data shows that there were 976,425 hospital admissions related to alcohol consumption in England in 2019/20, that’s 12 per cent higher than the 2016/17 figures.

There has been an ongoing number of spiking incidents taking place in nightclubs across the city.

The symptoms of alcohol intoxication and spiking are often very similar and can include drowsiness and passing out, leaving many people in vulnerable positions.

As a result of their work, volunteer groups like this are being looked at as a lifeline for young people in Leeds.

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