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Leeds pop punk band Summer’s Colour prepare to release new single, AWOL

By Tom McGlynn

AN UP and coming Leeds pop punk band are preparing to release brand new music in the next few months.

Summer’s Colour, a three-piece pop punk band who met at Leeds College of Music, are steadily making a name for themselves amongst local pop punk fans and are set to release their brand new single, AWOL, around the end of April.

The band is composed of James Whateley, Louis Flynn and Darius Kiani, who formed in 2013.

Vocalist Whateley, 22, said: “We wanted to try something a little different with AWOL.

 “All of our songs so far have had a pretty happy vibe to them, so ideally we wanted to keep that positive attitude but get a bit more serious with the way we wrote the track.

“The song is about a big change that happened in my life – it’s about running away from that change and being afraid of it.”

Kiani, 22, guitarist & producer, said: “It feels pretty good to almost have AWOL out there, we haven’t released anything in a few months so it’s nice to know it’s on its way out!

“When I write I tend to just go with the flow and smash out whatever comes to mind and I think AWOL is a good example of that.”

Flynn, 21, who plays acoustic guitar, said: “We’ve had the single finished for a while now so it’s nice to finally show people what we’ve been up to!

“We take influences from anything and everything really, for our genre it’s any good punk bands – Gnarwolves as well as The Menzingers to name a few.

“We’re hopefully going to be playing a lot of shows on the build up to releasing an EP, so it would be great just getting people to hear it really!”

AWOL’s release is scheduled for around mid-early April and the band are hoping to announce some shows soon.

James’ top 5 favourite bands and musical influences

  • The Smiths – “I think I’ve probably been listening to The Smiths since before I was even born thanks to my mother, and they’re still so relevant to my music taste today.”
  • My Chemical Romance – “I’ve been absolutely crazy about My Chemical Romance ever since I was a teenager and still love them so much today.”
  • Busted – “Busted were the first band I was ever really obsessed with, so I’d say they’re definitely a favourite!”
  • Taking Back Sunday – “They’re just such an awesome band, they’ve been one of my absolute favourites ever since I was just a kid!”
  • Brand New – “The same reason as Taking Back Sunday really – I grew up with them and they’re just so iconic to so many people.”

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