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Leeds Dog Trust appeal for new nine-day-old pups

Two of the puppies looking for new homes

Three of the puppies looking for new homes

By Mark Kielesz-Levine

A litter of adorable puppies are looking for new homes.

The Lurcher puppies were born at the Leeds Dog Trust and are set to go into foster care within the next two weeks before attempts will be made to house them permanently.

The eight puppies, who had failed to bond with their mother, spend most of their day sleeping and have yet to open their eyes for the first time.

Panda, Penguin, Squirrel, Bunny, Foxy and Mole are currently being bottle fed by staff at the centre whilst the remaining two of the litter are able to feed from their mother, Rusty.

Amy Ripley, 31, is the adoption advisor for Leeds Dog Trust.

She said: “Ten puppies is a large litter and there simply wasn’t enough milk from the mother to care for all of them but at this age it is still difficult to hand rear them.”

Amy is confident that the centre will be able to find new homes for the puppies, but the charity does provide lasting care if it is not possible.

She added: “Staff continue to look after them if there is no foster care or a permanent home available, they will stay as long as is possible.”

Before a permanent home is found for the litter, they will be taken in by carers who will foster them until they are ready to move on under the Home from Home scheme.

The project was started in 2013 and this year they have helped 20 dogs and nine puppies to be fostered, but the centre is appealing for more prospective carers.

Amy said: “At the moment we have more dogs waiting for foster care than people to take them in, we do need more people.”

WATCH: Amy Ripley talks about the puppies’ daily routine

Despite plenty of interest in the scheme the charity will sometimes turn down potential fosterers.

She added: “Older dogs can be anxious or have a medical issue and it’s important for the dogs to be placed with someone who is always at home and usually who has no other pets or young children, so it can limit options.”

Anyone who is interested in fostering or adopting dogs can call the centre on 0113 281 4922.

LISTEN: Leeds Dog Trust centre manager Amanda Sands talks about the work the charity does

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