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Leeds City Council Provide Alternative To Tricky Public Transport

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With constant disruptions to the train and bus systems, and the need for travel to be greener around the area, Leeds City Council have provided an alternative to public transport with their new e-bike scheme, with the bikes being provided by a company known as Beryl Bikes.

Transport planner, Chris Kirby, highlights that the new scheme benefits the public by being able to “connect journeys” while other services such as the trains and buses “don’t necessarily match the demands of the users.”

Phil Ellis, CEO of Beryl Bikes, also shared these sentiments as Beryl Bikes provides a new option for the general public to move around the city.

“We love cities and there’s no better way to get around them than on a bike or scooter. Our mission is simple, to make sustainable travel the easy and fun option in our cities.”

Here is a video package that explains in more detail.

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