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Media Landscape Is Changing: Be Creative When Developing Your CV

Always be on the lookout for jobs and keep applying. Be proactive; standout and wear your personality on your CV.

Mark Robinson – Creative Director, Wise Owl Films. – Talking about making documentaries with students from LTU.

Mark Robinson told LTU’s Journalism and Media Week audience that his life ambition was to work on the weekly news as a reporter, having failed his O-Levels. He went to college and worked as a news editor on the college paper and then went to university to study for a degree in creative writing. He never finished his degree as he applied for different jobs and got a response at Northern Echo in Darlington.  

When asked why you get frustrated when you get a CV, Mark said: “We receive a lot which is similar. It’s like AI has written them”.

The advice is when you are applying for jobs be your brand. Be creative. Do something different- let your personality come out of the paper and show off your skills.

You are your brand the only person who knows you is you so sell your brand. When you are creating your CV what different ideas can you bring to the company? What is your story? Mark said: “We all have ideas for a story”. 

He told the student audience that the film industry is changing all the time, as there are different streaming services like Netflix and Prime, it is a constantly evolving landscape. 

It is quite trickier getting a job “They are still opportunities”. However, you must look for them; which job sites; how often are you looking for jobs. Are you on LinkedIn? Have you researched the company and can you get some work experience in internships or even do some volunteer work?  “Put your personality into your approaches” he added.  

Television is constantly evolving. He said we must respond to that as a production company. “Channel4 do not have any money and all other broadcasters are following suit!”.

Wise Owl is based in Leeds. They have created many network documentaries. Mark was born and Bred in Tinshill, Leeds. Wise Owl works with Leeds Trinity University and offers placements to students.  

Mark didn’t know anyone who was in the media business. His mum was a staff nurse and his dad worked at an old people’s home as a care assistant. He worked hard, did various jobs and always pushed himself to the highest levels to achieve his goals. 

The Gov.UK website shows that there has been a small increase of 0.7% in postgraduates securing a job in 2021.

Mark Robinson – Creative Director Wise Owl Films.

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