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In a lockdown ‘isolation-ship’? Here’s five of the best ways to maintain it…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

By Immy Share

No-one finds time away from their partner easy. But, we’re all in this together, trying to make the best of a bad situation at the moment. Stay connected, stay sociable, and most importantly: stay loved up! Here’s how…

  1. Date night!

Whether it’s via FaceTime, WhatsApp call, Zoom or Skype, there are endless ways to stay connected via video. But, make a real effort for this one. Do your makeup, do your hair and wear something nice (even if that just involves changing out of your pyjamas!). Grab a drink each, some nibbles and… date! Don’t talk work or Coronavirus, talk each other. What dates will you go on when this is all over? What has this time apart made you appreciate about each other?

  1. Netflix and Chill

Okay, maybe not literally. But virtually. Netflix Party is a new Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with someone remotely. If you pause, they pause. And, there’s even a chat feature if you want to discuss what you’re watching. So, you could start a series together, or enjoy a movie night without having to listen to your other-half snoring part way through. What could be better really?


   3.  Presence or presents?

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving something unexpected in the post to brighten up your day, and this doesn’t have to be with anything extravagant. It’s the small things that matter at the moment. Send your partner a box of their favourite chocolates, or a photo frame with a picture in from one of your favourite times together. A small thought can go a long way. Moonpig also have an ‘e-card’  feature and what better to show someone you’re thinking of them than a card delivered straight to their inbox that says just that.

4. Get your game on 

Be sociable – from a distance. Together you can test your general knowledge on Quiz Up or vocabulary on Words with Friends. Or, make ‘games night’ virtual. Classic board games such as Guess Who, UNO and Monopoly all have online versions. So, start a competition. Who can get the most cumulative Scrabble points before you next see each other? Who can complete a ‘hard’ level on Sudoku the fastest?  You could even go the extra mile and share a quiz. Each devise ten questions about yourself and then give them to the other person to answer. What doesn’t your partner know about you that they really should?! Now’s the time to find out…

  1. Workout so you work out

Why do some couples go to the gym? Because they want their relationship to work out.

No really, though, we all know exercise is great both physically and mentally so why not enjoy that together? Take 20 minutes to do your squats or crunch your abs over video-call. Take turns to devise an exercise routine. Each of you can get a HIIT circuit going. Or, even, race each other. Virtually. Who can run 5km in the best time? Who can do the most jumping jacks in 60 seconds?

So, there you go. You might not be able to see or touch eachother at the moment but there’s no excuse not to stay connected and keep the love alive!

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