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Horsforth Brewery raises money for children’s charity with 12 beers of Christmas

Horsforth Brewery is raising money for a local children’s charity with their “12 Beers of Christmas” release.

The Leeds-based independent business is selling a package of 12 different beers with a cut of the profit going to Horsforth and Headingley Children’s Centre.

Having sold out of its first 100-box batch, it is now gearing up to produce a second round of packages.

Despite being a small company, Horsforth Brewery is always keen to work with the local community so the Children’s Centre was the obvious choice.

Mark Costello, the brewery owner, said: “It struck me how, even though Horsforth is quite an affluent area, the statistics show that it has some of the highest levels of deprived children in Leeds.

“That really hammered home that this is the charity we should be supporting.”

The charity provides a local outreach service for families with children under the age of five and provides help and advice with issues such as benefits, domestic violence, addiction and seeking asylum.

Credit: Horsforth Brewery

The beers in the box include the Christmas Pudding Stout, the White Christmas Pale Ale, and the Christmas Tree IPA.

With a very limited time frame for the brewing process, the release has been a huge challenge for Mark and his team as they managed to get the first 12 beers brewed in 17 days.

Mark said: “It’s been a challenge but we worked really hard.

“I’ve got a small team now and we do have couple of volunteers but I had to work us all hard.

“It’s pretty intense so I’m looking forward to January.”

The brewery, which opened in 2017, has recently moved premises from Station Road to New Side Road and once restrictions lift they are hoping to open up as a bar.

For the time being they are working on the second batch and hoping it will be as successful as the first.

Mark said: “It’s something we’ll definitely be carrying on.

“We’ll probably have a charity partner for Christmas every year now.”

A full case is £44, with £1.50 from each box going to Horsforth & Headingley Children’s Centre. The second batch will soon be available on the website.

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