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Hard Work; Perseverance and Resilience – Leeds Trinity University Vice-Chancellor Professor Charles Egbu’s Journey

“A journey full of experience with ups and downs, maybe more downs than ups”.

It has been a long journey- over 30 years- for Professor Charles Egbu the Vice-Chancellor of Leeds Trinity University.

Professor Charles is the first Black person to be in this position in the country. Knowing this was his dream he stayed focused backed up by strong family support.

“Inner belief in yourself is a good trait and attribute to have”, said Professor Charles.

Professor Charles Egbu – Picture by Lesley O’Connor

Taking his A levels; completing his first-class honours degree in quantity surveying…. at times it was hard being the only black face in the class. You would sense it and then you would find ways in dealing with what that meant. He said: “It felt like my degree was in question because of my skin colour, to get a first-class honour degree.

“I hope l am seen as a role model that gives people the inner belief that they can achieve and be better than me. I tell people around me it is not just to see Charles as a mentor but see him as somebody who has opened the doors to do better than him.

Nick Asiedu has completed a Postgraduate Masters degree in Mental Health in Children and Young People at LTU. Nick said: “Professor Charles inspired me to come to this university”. Nick is now considering doing a PHD linked to Mental Health at Leeds Trinity.

Nick was doing his research on the different universities within Leeds and liked that Professor Charles prioritised Diversity and Inclusion at LTU.  

“If no one believes you, always believe in yourself” said Professor Charles.

Professor Charles’s mother always believed in his abilities and kept on pushing him to achieve excellence and high standards, his own perseverance and excellence has stood him in good stead to keep achieving.

His clear message: keep pushing yourselves and believing in your abilities to be the best version of you.

Graduation at Leeds Trinity University – By Lesley O’Connor

Leeds Trinity University won the bronze award for inclusion and diversity in 2021.

Leeds Trinity wins 2021 Whatuni Student Choice Award for Diversity and Inclusion – News – Leeds Trinity University

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