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Guiseley doing their bit for charity with ‘Gloves for Subs’ campaign

By Chloe Horswill

A West Yorkshire football club is on a campaign to collect gloves and raises funds to keep the elderly and the homeless warm at winter.

Guiseley AFC teamed up with their local Subway store to raise awareness for the ‘Gloves for Subs’ campaign that collected over 4,700 gloves across Yorkshire.

The Guiseley store collected 40 pairs of gloves in total, which included the donations from the players at the club as well as those from the public.

The team were involved from the start of the campaign, getting their fans to visit the Subway store, which stayed open late that day. Fans donated a pair of gloves and £1 before they went to the game against Gateshead in midweek.

Ian Dawes, the manager of the Guiseley store, was happy that he was able to get the team on board with the campaign.

He said: “We were disappointed with the number (of gloves) that we got to be honest, we were hoping for a lot more than that but it’s doubled the amount of gloves that we took.”

“We took 21 pairs from the football club so that alone was worth getting the club involved.”

Rachel O’Connor, the programme editor for Guiseley AFC, arranged the partnership between the two and is proud of how everything worked out.

She said: “The players and our management are good at helping worthy causes. They were happy to take part.”

“The connection between football and the words gloves and subs (is what drew us to it). Ian (Dawes) has helped us with things and it was a way of helping him as well as taking part in the campaign which is what all our players did.”

The ‘Gloves for Subs’ campaign ended on October 25, but the store would be happy to take in more donations from the public.


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