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GMB’s Katy Rickitt on the Manchester Arena terror attack: “It was the toughest night of my career”

Katy Rickitt

By Immy Share

Katy Rickitt today told students at Leeds Trinity University about some of the tougher challenges of her job as a news correspondent for Good Morning Britain.

Katy – herself an alumna of the university – was speaking at a talk during the 11th annual Journalism and Media Week, entitled Bed-Hopping: Life on the Road.

She described one particular challenge she has faced throughout her seven years with Good Morning Britain, when she covered the Manchester Arena terror attack.

She said: “It was the toughest night of my career, I was in bed when I got the call and 10 to 15 minutes later I was in the car on the way there.

“It was the most surreal, eerie night of my life.”

She added that one particular hurdle she faces in situations such as terror attacks is the consideration of when it is appropriate to film due to how life-changing and moving these events are.

Katy offered her audience of aspiring journalists some advice.

She said: “Always ask and be respectful.

“The people will always go to the ones who were respectful at the time.”

Katy Rickitt: Bed-Hopping and Life on the Road

It wasn’t just reporting stories that Katy talked about in terms of a challenge; she  went on to talk about living mainly in hotel rooms and travelling anywhere from Aberdeen to Oxfordshire  – or even abroad – to report from.

“My personal battle is the lack of sleep in breakfast TV.

“Also, the London offices have no concept of geography!” she added as she told her audience she is always catnapping in cars and flood zones.

Katy is on call five days a week.

Speaking to Yorkshire Voice, she added: “Most of the time it is exciting but sometimes when I’ve not slept in my own bed for a week I do feel like I want to cuddle my dogs or I want see my husband.

“But we wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t exciting and it is great.

“That’s one of the perks of the job: you get to cover all sorts of things in all sorts of places.”

Katy Rickitt tells the story of 107-year-old record breaker, Jack

Katy told students of one exciting story she has covered and is continuing to follow which is about 107-year-old Jack who breaks records for each birthday, including becoming the oldest person to ride a rollercoaster at the age of 105.

Katy took Jack to Hollyoaks for his latest birthday where he starred in an episode and broke the record for being the oldest soap star.

She said: “There are times when you’re watching the news and think the whole world is horrible, so you need the odd Jack.”

In an interview with Yorkshire Voice, she added: “There’s Katy that does the news or Katy that breaks records with 107-year-old men… That sounds really weird, doesn’t it?!”

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