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Giant Baby in Halifax ahead of Easter Weekend

By Amy Goodall

Giant 22ft baby called Eva, will star in the production ‘ZARA’ this Easter Weekend in Halifax.

The world premiere of the production opens at the Piece Hall in Halifax this Friday, April 19th and Saturday April 20th.

Zara, tells the story of protagonist Zara and her daughter Eva, fighting against the world.

It will feature a cast of over 100 actors, but the remarkable 22ft baby is the highlight of the show.

The giant 22ft baby that will spend two nights in Halifax.


The company have told us that it was ‘absolutely vital’ to have the premiere here in West Yorkshire.

When asked what we could expect at the premiere, Lisa Mallaghan, Producer for ‘Mind the Gap’ Theatre Company, said: “It’s a really big spectacular show, we have tanks and cherry pickers.”

She went on to add: “At one point the baby cries and it shatters all the windows.”

Weighing tonnes and being bigger than a double decker bus, the giant baby will take eight people to operate.

Joyce Nga Yu Lee, Artistic Director of the production, said: “When I started working on this project, I knew I wanted to make it big – I wanted it to be in your face so that people had to take notice.

“I always imagined it to be like a cross between Godzilla, the Paralympics opening ceremony, and a sci-fi film!”


‘Eva’ is the name of the giant baby.


The production will spend two nights in Halifax on April 19th and 20th at 9pm.

After this it will move to London to play two nights at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park on May 10th and 11th.

Tickets are available from £8 per person.

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