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From studying Journalism at Leeds Trinity to working on the European Music Awards – a day in the life of an MTV talent booker

MTV’s Oriana Storey today urged students at Leeds Trinity University to make and maintain contacts at every point in their media careers.

Storey, now working as a talent coordinator for MTV, said her love for music and producing drove her to where she is now, but “making contacts and keeping connected” would be essential for students.

MTV’s Oriana Storey explaining her journey that originated from Leeds Trinity

Speaking as part of an alumni panel at this year’s annual Journalism and Media Week, she said that before getting her current job, being a talent coordinator would never have crossed her mind.

“I had done the Radio 1 and 1Xtra production internship which I think really stood out to MTV as it was in the music industry and quite similar to what I would be doing at MTV.

“I’m now a talent booker for MTV, which I didn’t know existed and I think that’s one thing I’d say: sometimes there are jobs out there that you don’t know exist and now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

“I looked after talent when they came in, spoke to their teams and I think that made me stand out. But then also after Radio 1, I worked in PR and marketing, so I had solid writing experience and research experience which I think combined with my experience in music and that helped me get into MTV.

“With what I do, because it’s specifically music and sometimes celebrity talent, it’s not as serious of course and it’s more like pop-culture instead of journalism.”

Storey on why music tops any other form of art

Oriana shared some of the great experiences and opportunities she’s been a part of while working with MTV, such as working on the MTV European Music Awards and interacting with former Spice Girl member Mel B.

“Recently, I met Scary Spice, and it was probably the person I’ve been excited to meet the most. She was lovely and that was quite a strong highlight.

“I think the biggest highlight I had was working on the MTV European Music Awards for the first time. It was six months into my internship as a music assistant and it was just amazing, working on this huge scale award show abroad.”

Oriana said how being thrown in the deep end was the best way to learn a role, and that it’s important to try and enjoy what you’re being taught.

“There are so many spinning plates that you kind of learn it, so it’s an amazing experience – just on the go and you kind of get thrown in and you learn. It’s amazing.”

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