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Festive drink drivers are not necessarily the usual suspects…

By Sam Brooksbank

WEST YORKSHIRE Police has unveiled its annual drink drive campaign… with a nod to classic crime movie The Usual Suspects.

This year West Yorkshire Police are looking remind people that it is not just young men who get caught drink driving but anyone of any age and background could be drunk driving, hence the hashtag #NotTheUsualSuspects, in homage to the 1995 movie starring Kevin Spacey.

These ARE the Usual Suspects, from the 1995 movie

Sergeant Gary Roper of the Road Policing Unit said: “Drink Driving can have a devastating consequences, we want to make drink driving socially unacceptable and to drive the message home that if you are going out for a drink to leave the keys at home.”

Since 1st December, 108 people have been arrested for drink and drug driving and 53% of those who were arrested were charge.

Thirty-Seven per cent of the people arrested since the start of the month were aged over 35 years old.

Out of the 108 people who were arrested, 20 of those were arrested for drug driving but only one was charged.

Sergeant Roper added: “ We have seen higher numbers of arrests over the two weekends so far in December, with more people being arrested on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays which are the times traditionally associated with socialising, however there have been arrests every day so far in December.

“Our message continues that drink or drug driving simply isn’t worth the risk.”

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