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Donald Trump travel ban sparks second protest in Leeds


By Charlotte Lascelles

ALMOST 200 protesters marched through Leeds city centre in response to US President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

The travel ban prevented citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from travelling to the United States for 90 days.

It was eventually overturned by the Appeals Court on February 4, but Mr Trump is fighting the decision.

The march, on February 20, was led by Marvina Newton, the CEO of Angel of Youths, a Leeds organisation which aims to help young people achieve their dreams regardless of ethnicity, disability, religion or background.

The protest started on Briggate with protesters carrying placards reading “No to Trump” and chanting “Refugees are welcome here”.

It ended at Leeds City Hall with a rally where speakers including Marvina and members of teaching unions spoke against the American President’s ban and the increase in racism since Brexit.

Angel of Youths

The organisation, which was founded by Marvina Newton, aims to help young people achieve their dream career and desired lifestyle regardless of their background, gender, disability or religion.

It offers varied entrepreneurial opportunities for youths and aims to bring together different cultures by creating strong and inclusive communities, promoting financial inclusion, skills, and employment, and promote independence and quality of life. 

Its main aim is to improve and benefit the community by giving the younger generation the chance to explore their goals and aspirations that will shape their future and, in the end, will bring a positive impact to their community.

One Day Without Us is a movement that was created last October in reaction to the rise in racism following Brexit and the US election.

Charlie Roberts, a fundraiser for One Day Without Us, said: “It is beautiful and so moving to see this many people here, it’s incredible.

“It means that there are more people against racism than people who are permitting the racist attacks.”

The Leeds march on February 20 was organised as part of a series of rallies and demonstrations in over 120 locations across the UK.

A spokesperson for One Day Without Us said: “Our campaign was created in reaction to the rising tide of post-Brexit street-level racism and xenophobia and the divisive and stridently anti-migrant rhetoric emanating from too many politicians that has accompanied it.

“Together, our day of action reflected a common refusal to accept the exclusion and marginalisation of the men, women and children who have so often been dehumanised and belittled.”

Marvina Newton said: “There’s loads of things that you can do to get involved. Find me on Facebook, Majestic Marvina, find us on Twitter, One Day Without Us, find my organisation, Angel of Youths, volunteer and get involved.

“There are loads of charities doing great things, you can be one of those making a difference in our city.”

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