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Dementia community group works with businesses to help raise awareness

By Emily Smith

Local businesses in Horsforth have been working alongside the charity Alzheimer’s Society to create a dementia friendly community.

Beauty salon ‘Beauty by Emily’ recently got involved with the charity’s initiative by displaying a dementia friendly sticker and attending training sessions.

Hannah Pollard, 22, beauty therapist at Beauty by Emily said: “It was good to understand exactly how people with dementia feel when they are going through it, and the emotional side of it compared to the memory side.

“I think there’s more people than you think with dementia, just not everyone tells you that they’ve got it.”

The training session provided businesses and the general public with advice and support on how to help others suffering with dementia.

Other businesses such as Purely Natural and Squires based on Town Street also attended the support group.

Kat Troy, 23, beauty therapist at Beauty by Emily said: “I think it can be quite hard if you don’t know how to deal with it and a lot of people can panic and it can make it worse.

“So I think it is definitely good that they are offering training and support regarding dementia.”

UK based charity Alzheimer’s Society set up the Dementia Friends scheme as part of a recognition process to help change perceptions on the disease.

Maria Florez, dementia friendly community’s officer of Alzheimer’s Society said: “Promoting awareness of dementia is one of the steps of a Dementia Friendly Community.

“There are a variety of methods communities in England use to spread the word, Dementia Friends is one of them.”

“All members of the community are welcome to be involved in this initiative, and there are lots of ways how they can be involved, including becoming a supporter.”

The charity encourages community groups to form in support of helping those who suffer from dementia and ensure they can live in a respecting and understanding society.

Members of the public can help inform others by becoming a Dementia Champion and taking part in events hosted by the charity.

The charity suggests that people can make a difference by spending time with those with dementia and listening to them.

Volunteers are encouraged to wear a badge to show their support and tell five other people about how they can take action.

To find out more about Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Friends visit:

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