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Crewe library contributes to Age UK’s battle against loneliness

Crewe Library has launched a games club held every other Thursday where elderly people can come together and play classic games such as cards and connect4 to support Age UK’s Christmas campaign against loneliness in the elderly.

The charity has released new research which shows that this Christmas will be one of the hardest yet for almost 3 million (2.9 million) older people, with almost as many (2.7 million) saying they worry they’ll have to reduce their social activities because of the cost-of-living crisis.

1.4 million older people in the UK are often lonely, and with the research Age UK has gathered concerning loneliness in the elderly, they are encouraging more social opportunities to be on offer for elderly people across the country.

The games club at Crew Library takes place every Thursday. Photo: Alex Appleby

The organiser of the event, Elaine Torenbeek, said: “We set the games club up to help combat loneliness and mental health within the community.

“It has steadily grown with really positive feedback from those who attend.”

Elaine Torenbeek, organiser of the weekly games club at Crewe library. Photo: Alex Appleby.

“It’s the highlight of their week and they really enjoy the company and interaction.

“It’s become even more important now as people use the library as a warm space in the current cost of living crisis.”

A member of this games club, who preferred not to be named, said:

“The two ladies that run it go out of their way to make people feel good about themselves, because I also like doing that, making people feel happy and confident, especially someone who may be living on their own and have nobody to talk to, they can come here and open up and talk to different people.”

Tom Appleby, Crewe library manager, said: “The games club is a great way to bring people together and combat loneliness.

“This is especially important at this time due to the cost-of-living crisis, allowing people to stay warm and look after their mental health.”

The games club is completely free and is held every other Thursday at Crewe Library from 2 pm till 4 pm.

Refreshments are also available.

Crewe Library has also been listed as one of the many locations across Cheshire under the Warm PlaCEs banner, a movement that aims to give people a warm place and an opportunity to come together.

More information on Crewe Library is linked here: Crewe Library (

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