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Community spirit in Leeds steps in to help keep school children fed

The owner of Horsforth business, Action Roofing has been out delivering over 100 pack lunches this week from local cafe Truly Scrummy and from members of the public.

Communities in Leeds have come up with ideas to help provide school children with at least one meal a day.

It comes after the government announced last Wednesday that it would not provide free school meals across the half-term.

Tracey Wale, the owner of Action Roofing, has also given a certain amount of money to Number 9 Deli on Station Road in Horsforth.

“I grew up in poverty and it struck a chord with me, I needed to do something to help,” said Tracey.

Tracey’s donation of money means that there are 30 packed lunches including a sandwich, crisps and a drink all ready there for school children.

“It’s outrageous to know they would vote against it, it’s not the child’s fault. It’s just disgusting, and they should feel double embarrassed for what they have done.

“It’s a greedy world, it’s time to change and make sure children are getting meals every holiday, especially the six weeks in summer.”

The UK government extended free school meals for the Easter and Summer holidays, but Boris Johnson has defended his refusal to extend it for October half term, saying he is “proud” of the support the government has offered so far.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have introduced food vouchers for the half term.

One business that is not in the hospitality sector is Lizzy’s Laundry in Yeadon.

Yorkshire Voice Lizzy Laundry store front in Yeadon

Owner Lizzy Hynes has decided to put a twist on her way of helping families who may be struggling this half term.

Lizzy has offered to do free washes for school uniform, children’s clothes, bedding.

“I wanted to help, thinking of what I could do, and I can’t give food out as I’m not a pub or cafe, but I can do free washes for people,” said Lizzy.

“It’s disgraceful what the government are doing, absolutely disgraceful.”

Lizzy’s business, like many others, has struggled a lot throughout the pandemic and was left to make face masks to help her family and business survive.

“I’m lucky enough to be able to put food on the table for my children, kids should not go without a meal.

“The community has rallied together, it’s amazing to know how much everyone cares, you can really feel the community spirit.”

She is also offering to do any repairs and any alterations for free as well.

For anyone wanting to take up Lizzy’s offer, she can be contacted on 07707483218.

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