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VIDEO: Farsley cheese-tasting event pays homage to fromage

Farsley Cheese night

By Caroline Grandjean

The “Homage2Fromage” club held a French cheese night at Farsley’s Mill Kitchen last night.

There was a wide range of French cheese with a selection from the finest repertoire, including classics and more unusual ones.

Amateurs were given the chance to learn more about each product, defined by different landscapes and farming techniques.

Cheese was laid out and numbered. As all the types were not named, members were encouraged to showcase their gastronomic knowledge.

Taking notes and giving feedback on the different cheeses was a big part of the evening. The club promises to help people learn in an entertaining and fun way.

Having started in Leeds, the monthly club is constantly expanding, now reaching Harrogate, Bradford, Manchester and Sheffield. It now holds sell-out events with regulars travelling far and wide to attend the themed evenings.

“Homage 2 Fromage” wants to show that cheese is all about sharing and doesn’t bring together snobby connoisseurs, but curious and passionate people.

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