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Celebrations in store for 10-year-old Queensbury Tesco

A local Tesco store in Queensbury celebrates this week after it passed the 10-year opening milestone. Here is a look back on the last decade.

Back in 2010, plans to open the store faced a lot of local opposition. 10 years later however, it appears that opinion has changed.

Carol Doran, 60, is an employee of Tesco and lives in Lidget Green. “I’ve just spoke to a customer who had thanked us for being here because she enjoys coming in,” she said.

“Before we opened there were a lot of objections. People weren’t happy and they thought we were taking away from local businesses.”

Yorkshire Voice Photo of Queensbury Tesco staff celebrating 10 years. Photo by Darren Wood.

Martin Bruce is also a Tesco employee living in Queensbury.

“You can see how much people’s opinion has changed just by how busy it is.”

Over the years, Tesco Queensbury and its employees have participated in countless efforts to fundraise for charities. It was only three weeks ago where they raised over £1000 for Overgate Hospice. This was where a member of staff, Terrie Ripley, sadly passed away last year.

Tesco were also host to Friends of Queensbury Highstreet voluntary group, who were raising money for a Christmas lights event. Collectively they raised £503.86 from customers and employees.

In May they also filled 40 food box donations and raised a total of £266.54 to go towards disadvantaged families.

Another Tesco employee, Vicky Cockroft, reminisces about the opening of Tesco back in 2010.

“A lot of people didn’t like the idea, thinking it would effect affect businesses. It has got busier, and I think they have realised that it is good for the community.” 

Johnathon Simpson joined Tesco 10 years ago when he was just 21 and has been there ever since.

“Everybody gets on with everybody. They hire well here, because everyone slots straight in,

“We are one big giant family.”

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