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Cat’s got the cream as new Kitty Café comes to Leeds

By Clea Kanning

A NEW Kitty Café is coming to Leeds this winter and it is on the hunt for cat-loving employees to take on the role of animal carer and food server.

Customers can mingle with furry friends at the venue, which will have cat walkways and a quirky design, and is opening in Leeds on December 11. It also doubles up as a rescue centre for cats who need a home.

The first Kitty Café is currently up and running in Nottingham and has proved successful since it began in 2015, so the owner Katie Charles Richards has decided to try the café out in Leeds too.

She has produced a promotional video showing how the café operates in Nottingham and outlining her plans to expand:


In the Kitty Café blog, Ms Charles-Richards said: “We wanted to bring something different to the high street, and at the same time we wanted to give something to the community.

“We thought a café that functioned as a cat rescue would be perfect.”

The café is designed to have a living room feel to it, and the rescue cats are available to be adopted into a loving forever home – once the Kitty Cafe staff have made sure it is in the cat’s best interest.

Employee Maisie Cornish, 22, from Nottingham, said: “It’s great working here, we’re doing a great thing, it’s nice to know all the cats are being socialised and rehomed.”

The café will be opening on Kirkgate in the centre of Leeds.

Cat lover and charity worker from Leeds, Sasha Buonasorte, 23, said: “I will definitely be applying to work at the Kitty Café.

“Hot chocolate and cats is all you want in British winter, they’ve picked a good time to set up camp.”

The Kitty Café website provide rules for adults and children to make sure the cats are as safe and happy as possible, stating: do not push or feed the cats, do not wake up the sleepy cats, and supervise children around the cats.


To find out more visit the Kitty Café website:

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