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Brook blitzes Khan to claim knock out win

Kel Brook defeated Amir Khan in devastating fashion at the AO Manchester Arena after their fight was stopped midway through the 6th round.

It gave the Sheffield man victory by way of technical knock out to finally settle the bad blood between the pair.

The fight started in fairly mundane fashion as both men looked to size the other up. An attempted right upper cut by Khan was comfortably blocked by Brook.

Brook then turned the tables as he had Khan visibly hurt with a flurry of punches. An upper cut from Brook, followed by a huge right hand had the Bolton man’s knees almost buckling from under him at the end of the round. It looked as if Khan’s legs could have gone any second.

The second round was a much tighter affair as Khan looked to fight back but Brook blocked it with ease. The pair spent the rest of the round exchanging tentative jabs but neither man was particularly aggressive after the drama of the first with Brook probably just edging it.

Brook began the third on the front foot. A combination from Khan got through to his body but he really hurt his opponent. Khan continued to demonstrate the speedy hands that have become synonymous with him but there wasn’t a great deal that actually got through to Brook.

A good right hand from Khan was met by a right hand in kind by Brook which had Khan reeling. Brook continued to attack and once again Khan looked on the verge of defeat but the bell may have saved him. By virtue of the last minute, Brook probably took the round.

The Sheffield man had the momentum going into the second quarter of the fight and he continued to dominate through the fourth which was a quieter encounter as both men seemed already to be tiring.

Brook resumed his pursuit of victory with another deadly upper cut that had Khan shaken once more. An upper cut followed by a right hand had Khan very much in survival mode, unable to come back with anything of significance.

Brook piled on the pressure early in the sixth with another succession of upper cuts. A minute into the round, the referee decided that he had seen enough and stopped the fight. With the beating Khan was taking, it was only a matter of time. before it was stopped and an elated Brook celebrated

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