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‘Bradford’s got a lot to shout about’ Executive hails city before scheme launch


A Chief Executive has hailed Bradford’s achievements before a new scheme launches to improve visitors’ experiences when coming to the city.

The training course will provide taxi drivers with information on Bradford’s history and main attractions while also giving tips on how to improve customer service.

Aurangzeb Khan, 55, wants to be a part of the scheme to improve the image of Bradford.

Aurangzeb Khan, 55, wants to be a part of the scheme and help improve the Bradford’s image.

Bradford taxi driver, Aurangzeb Khan, 55, said he thought the test was a good idea and it would reinforce his knowledge of the city.

“We need the test; it’s a very good idea that the council think the cabbie can play a great role to tell first-time visitors more about the city.

“The test would rekindle out knowledge about the city, I don’t mind doing it. I want to do anything to help add to Bradford’s image.”

The piloted scheme is focused on city centre attractions, but will be extended to cover all of Bradford if it is successful.

Chief Executive of Bradford Breakthrough, Colin Philpot, 57, thinks the course will instil cabbies with more confidence to give visitors information about the city.

“Cab drivers often form the first impression for a visitor to any city. We have some great taxi drivers in Bradford, but we hope to give out cabbies more confidence to be knowledgeable and positive about Bradford.

“This will help make Bradford more welcoming for tourists and business visitors. I will also help boost business for cab drivers who can display the CAB! badge.”

Each course will be restricted to twelve places and is set to begin in November and only those drivers who are compliant with Bradford’s licencing requirements will be eligible.

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