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Bradford City vs Wycombe Wanderers: Live

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Bradford City sit one game from Wembley as they take on Wycombe Wanderers in the Bristol Street Motor’s semi-final, updates from the game to follow.

Bradford City lineup: Doyle (GK), Halliday, Smallwood, Kavanagh, Gillead, Odour, Smith, Stubbs, Kelly, McDonald and Tomkinson.

Bradford City bench: Hadi, Ridehalgh, Chapman, Pointon, Derbyshire, Wright and Wadsworth

Wycombe Wanderers lineup: Stryjek (GK), Grimmer, Scowen, Tafazolli, Wheeler, Vokes, Leahy, McCleary, Low, Potts and Taylor.

Wycombe Wanderers bench: Ravizolli, Jacobson, Butcher, Lonwijk, Kone, McCarthy and Vincent-Young

Countdown to the beginning of the match with both sides out warming up on the pitch, just half-an-hour from kick off. There were some worries pre-match around the pitch quality but it’s game on to see who will meet Peterborough United at Wembley in the final of the Bristol Street Motor’s Trophy!

Kick-off as the visitors get the game underway!

1 min| CHANCE for Bradford City to go ahead as a ball is played over the top for Smith who can only shoot straight at the keeper. BC 0-0 WW

4 min| Vokes is brought down on the edge of the box as Wycombe get a free-kick in a good position. BC 0-0 WW

6 min| The subsequent free-kick is blocked by the wall but goes out just after for a Wycombe corner kick. BC 0-0 WW

10 min| A Smallwood cross is blocked and Bradford get their first corner of the match. BC 0-0 WW

11 min| Odour gets a half-chance at the edge of the box but his volley flies over the crossbar. BC 0-0 WW

14 min| Chance for Wycombe now as Vokes gets his head on a cross at the far post but its an easy catch for Doyle. BC 0-0 WW

16 min| Gillead cuts inside after a quick free-kick but his shot rolls across the floor into the arms of Stryjek. BC 0-0 WW

17 min| CHANCE for Bradford City as again a ball over the top finds Smith only to be tackled and for the ball to fall kindly to Kavanagh whose shot whistles past the post! BC 0-0 WW

20 min| Quick feet by Kavanagh sees Bradford awarded with another corner kick as the rain starts to fall here. BC 0-0 WW

23 min| A misplaced pass by Bradford goalkeeper Doyle awards the visitors a throw-in, in a dangerous position. BC 0-0 WW

25 min| A lovely move down the right-hand-side between Halliday and Odour ends with a corner kick for the hosts. BC 0-0 WW

33 min| For the first time there’s been a quiet few minutes in the game with Bradford controlling possession in the Wycombe half but no clear chances. BC 0-0 WW

34 min| CHANCE for Wycombe as McCleary fizzes a ball low and hard across the Bradford 6-yard box but nobody there to tap it home. BC 0-0 WC

36 min| Almost an identical chance for Bradford this time as a Halliday zips a ball across the Wycombe box but is met by the boot of a Wycombe defender and finds the hands of Stryjek. BC 0-0 WW

39 min| CHANCE for Bradford City as a ball is whipped to the back post but Halliday can’t turn his acrobatic effort goalwards. BC 0-0 WW

41 min| Bradford’s crowd are enjoying this spell of pressure as the hosts bundle the ball around the box in search of the opener! BC 0-0 WW

44| Wycombe nearly break the deadlock as again another McCleary cross is fizzed across the box before eventually being cleared by McDonald. BC 0-0 WW

45 min| Minimum 1 minute additional time added on. BC 0-0 WW

48 min| A long stoppage as Bradford defender Kelly receives on-field treatment, the player will be looking to re-enter the field. BC 0-0 WW

Half-time| The first half comes to a close with Bradford City being the team on top in the first period of play with the majority of possession and chances, however the score remains 0-0.

45 min| We’re back underway with no half-time changes from either side. BC 0-0 WW

47 min| Its an early substitution for Bradford City as Kelly limps off the field to be replaced by Ridehalgh. BC 0-0 WW

49 min| Wycombe break away quickly in attack but the resulting effort flies way over the crossbar. BC 0-0 WW

51 min| HUGE CHANCE for Bradford City as the ball lands at the feet of Smith inside the 6-yard box but the keeper makes a tremendous reflex save to keep it out! BC 0-0 WW

52 min| The resulting corner sees a shot fired across goal by Gillead but still no breakthrough. BC 0-0 WW

53 min| ANOTHER HUGE CHANCE for Bradford as Halliday’s ball is met by Kavanagh at the far post but a last ditch tackle keeps the ball out of the next, the roar from the crowd is immense! BC 0-0 WW

54 min| AGAIN!! How have Bradford not scored yet as McDonald has his shot from the edge of the box shave the edge of the post. BC 0-0 WW

55 min| The crowd is electric as Bradford’s corner lands in the hands of Stryjek. BC 0-0 WW

55 min| Double substitution from the visitors as Sam Vokes and David Wheeler leave the field in replace of Richard Kone and Kane Vincent-Young. BC 0-0 WW

60 min| CHANCE for Bradford City who pile on the pressure which allows Kavanagh to get a snap-shot away in the box, only for Stryjek to palm it out for a corner kick. BC 0-0 WW

65 min| Odour sees his shot fire over the bar after a quick attack from the hosts. BC 0-0 WW

6903 in attendance tonight with 286 travelling fans. BC 0-0 WW

65 min| Another change for the visitors as Matt Butcher replaces Josh Scowen. BC 0-0 WW

69 min| Some fantastic work from Gillead means Odour can find space to get his shot away from the edge of the box which again sails just past the post. BC 0-0 WW

71 min| ANOTHER CHANCE! Ridehalgh gets past his man and puts a wonderful ball across the box which just evades Smith’s head! BC 0-0 WW

72 min| HOW IS IT 0-0? Bradford work the ball into the box again with Smith on the turn firing the ball towards the corner but its a great save to deny the striker. BC 0-0 WW

74 min| A half chance for Wycombe sees a shot blocked before Bradford counter excellently which ends with Kavanagh being brought down on the edge of the area, a real chance for Bradford here. BC 0-0 WW

75 min| Substitution for Bradford as Smith makes way for Wright. BC 0-0 WW

76 min| Kavanagh steps up for the free-kick, beating the wall but not the goalkeeper who gets the ball away. BC 0-0 WW

77 min| CHANCE, a great move by Bradford and Halliday’s cross is met by Kavanagh who can’t beat the keeper! BC 0-0 WW

80 min| HUGE CHANCE for the visitors as a deep cross is met my McCleary but Doyle is down to it just in time. BC 0-0 WW

82 min| Some trickery by Wright sees him find some space in the box but with the ball always away from him, his effort is tame and cleared away. BC 0-0 WW

84 min| Substitution for the visitors as Taylor is replaced by Lonwijk. BC 0-0 WW

89 min| Halliday again does superb down his right-hand side but is cross is deflected for a corner. BC 0-0 WW

90 min| Minimum 5 minutes added time. BC 0-0 WW

91 min| GOAL! Stubbs loses the ball in a poor position and Matt Butcher puts the ball in the far corner following a cross. BC 0-1 WW

94 min| Double substitution for the hosts as JT and Pointon come on for Smallwood and Chapman

95 min| Alex Gillead is named Man of the Match for his contributions today. BC 0-1 WW

97 min| HUGE CHANCE Bradford aren’t giving up as a Wright cross is met in the middle of the box but another great saves denies Bradford of the equaliser. BC 0-1 WW

Full-time| The visitors come away with the win and it will be Wycombe Wanderers who face Peterborough United in the Bristol Street Motor’s Trophy final. Bradford had by far the better chances but a clinical effort from Matt Butcher was the only thing that could seperate the two sides.

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