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Bradford University win student experience award

By Elisha Atkinson

The University of Bradford were awarded a Highly Commended for student experience award at the educate north awards.

The event was attended by over 300 people from further and higher education professionals.

From the 23 awards the Bradford School of Management received highly commended for student experience within the university sector.

The university have recently been working on a scheme to improve employability after university.

Vishanth Weerakkody, head of business at the University said: “Students get the opportunity when spending their time with us to focus on improving their skills.

“Its really the basis for our improved student experience. The students are happy because they are gaining the skills and knowledge through the academic programme and they feel more confident and comfortable to face an interview.

“We are focusing on making our graduates different. Our motto is making knowledge work.”

“We make that knowledge work by giving the students the academic skills and knowledge and the softer interpersonal skills that make them different.

“Its a big achievement for us. It boosts moral for us as academics but also for entire community, administrative staff and students.

“I think we feel as a team there are more awards to come for the school of management.”


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