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Bradford councillors are reviewing cycling scheme

By Kamile Banyte and Will Ford

Bradford’s Council Regeneration and Environment Scrutiny Committee are going to receive an annual update on the cycling strategy this evening.

The strategy ‘keeping the wheels spinning’ was introduced in 2016 and aims to promote better infrastructure for cycling and encourage public to choose cycling as a transport mode.

The committee will be updated on projects like Queensbury Tunnel which targets to provide sustainable transport connection between Halifax and Bradford.

A development has been set up to promote the creation of cycle, walk and bridleway on part of the railway line from Cullingworth to Denholme.

But Anthony Thomson, co-director of capital of cycling believes the changes aren’t benefiting the people of Bradford.

“Congestion easing schemes are in effect road widening schemes. The logic being that reducing congestion is reducing emissions, but it’s still creating more problems down the road increasing road capacity rather than reducing road capacity.

“And considering that Bradford council’s declared a state of climate emergency, this is completely at odds with that really.”

The committee meeting will be held at City Hall at 5:35pm.

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