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Booming baking business allowed Leeds friends to quit their jobs in lockdown

During tough times on furlough, friends Kelly and Megan take a chance on their mutual love by starting a brand-new baking company called ‘Sugar Coated Memories.’

They came up with the concept after posting a snapshot of a homemade cake they created, for Kelly’s daughter’s fourth birthday. With over 100 likes and messages from people asking to replicate the handcrafted cakes, they agreed to start on the journey.

Business owner, Kelly said: “I remain stunned that my dream has transformed into a reality. I 100% encourage others passionate about starting a business to do it. After all, I have realised you can fail at a job you hate, so you may as well do what you love.”

According to a survey commissioned by the National Association of British and Irish Millers (Nabim), more than half (54 percent) of the 4,000 UK adults surveyed had made a sugary treat at home.

They started joining online teaching courses and even YouTube tutorials on mastering the art of being a baker after endless hours of perfecting their company from the moment they obtained their food license.

As a result of their enthusiastic responses and inquiries, they quickly find themselves entirely booked for cake and adorable cupcake orders for holidays such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, gender reveals desserts, Valentine’s Day, and much more.

They have enrolled in media marketing campaigns to help promote their brand, and they’ve even entered sites like TikTok, Instagram(sugarcoatedmemories), Facebook (Sugar Coated Memories), a podcast, a blog, and a soon-to-be-launched YouTube channel.

Both entrepreneurs want to not only educate people of all ages on how to bake and decorate but also inspire others with their stories.

However the pandemic has had a crushing impact on other West Yorkshire businesses.

A well-established 35-year-old lettings firm, located in Kirkstall and Leeds, has come to a halt because of the Coronavirus lockout. Landlady Michelle described her experience as “heart-aching.”

Her accommodation provides luxurious en-suite bedrooms, on-hand washing surfaces, and access to public transport, not to mention rental arrangements and application style. This saves time and makes it much easier to read intimidating legal records. These homes were every tenants fantasy come true.

Unfortunately, as coronavirus spread throughout the world, colleges and companies started to close. With students working from home and many professionals on furlough, there was no excuse for them to remain in communal accommodation, which forced them to return home with several landlords, including Michelle, facing similar financial difficulties.

A Hamilton Fraser survey demonstrates the significant drop in financial profits when they reported only “49%” of landlords are receiving full rent payment.  In addition to Gov.UK went they counteracted this when implying,

She said: “Of those students who travelled to stay with family or friends over the winter break, 40% have since returned and 60% have not yet returned to their term-time address”.

Michelle’s rental properties have become lifeless, with her main target audience unlikely to return anytime soon. It is an overwhelming fear for her to have faced anything like this in her 35 years of property ownership.

Michelle added: “I refuse to give in, my properties have proved the ‘wow factor’ and comfort for tenants over many years, I am fully aware it is not the properties at fault but the timescale everybody is facing during Covid-19. It is extremely disheartening to be facing a standstill, but I have hope for my business within the future.”

My Opinion

As a witness, I believe many companies have felt a financial burden because of the coronavirus, and that innovative start-up businesses during lockdown are minimal. Many companies and businesses have never having encountered a global pandemic in their lifetime, it has come as a surprise to everyone involved. However, my visual representation is to see it as a building stone on how to protect businesses.

I am completely astounded by the dedication and zeal for both ‘Sugar Coated Memories’ and ‘Private Landlady Michelle’. They have portrayed themselves as real businesswomen and held a calm head in the face of a global pandemic. It is not only encouraging, but it also shows the challenges inside companies can be resolved.

Taking risks in life, particularly in industry, is daunting enough, but coping with a global pandemic has me wondering if I should have taken such a financial risk to invest in properties and baking equipment at a period when money has become highly valuable and in need of survival. Inspiring business owners demonstrating that determination is vital to a company’s growth, even at a standstill.

Planning for the future, like Michelle, reveals she believes in her business and has the right attitude to succeed. After all, why would you let your ideal career be ruined by unexpected circumstances?

What do you think?