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“Biggest business week in the country” is under way in Leeds

Leeds Business Week exhibit stalls

By Elisha Atkinson

A SERIES of over 100 special events kicked off as part of Leeds Business Week offering networking and advice to local businesses. 

One of the opening sessions was the Go Digital Live conference at Aspire in Leeds city centre, focusing on customer experience online. 

Guest speakers included entrepreneur James Brown, founder of Beer 52, one of the fastest growing online subscription businesses in Europe. 

 The conference was hosted by The Digital Knowledge Exchange, an organisation funded by The European Regional Development Fund Programme.  

 Kanta Mall, The Digital Knowledge Exchange’s marketing and events manager said: “Our role is to support small business across North and West Yorkshire. 

 “We help them grow on a digital level through training sessions and all things around customer experience journey online.  

 “It’s allowing business across the region to network and exchange ideas and to really advance their skills on a digital level.” 

 Cathy Burns, Company Director of Your Story, a digital agency who attended the event said: “I have a better idea of where the future of technology is going. 

 “I am going to look at how I can introduce some of these things into our services for our customers to improve what we do for them. Were a digital agency so always need to be improving. 

 “I think it has been really interesting and I think whatever your level of knowledge is you are going to take something away from it, you will learn something.” 

 The conference also included 25 exhibitors and businesses, in order to mingle and network with other companies. 

 Charlie Harris, from one of the exhibiting companies, Edit, said: “We are a marketing communications company, we do everything content marketing, digital PR all the way through to customer data base management and media. 

 “We have merged recently and have come out to the Leeds community to say who we are as a new business.  

 “In terms of Leeds Business Week, there’s hundreds of business involved and it’s a brilliant way of getting visibility for yourself.” 

 The events are coordinated by The Yorkshire Mafia who describe it as the biggest business week in the country. 

 The business week ends on 12 October, with events including Yorkshire Mafia’s Woman Networking and a masterclass on ‘How to build a brand’ happening throughout the week.  

 Check out the events list at

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