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Become A Woodhouse Warrior: Leeds Community Centre Appeals To The Public For New Chairs

Woodhouse Community Centre in Leeds have been appealing to the public to ‘Sponsor a Chair’ and help buy the centre new furniture.

Woodhouse Community Centre provides a safe space where all members of the community feel welcomed and supported. They provide hot meals and a food pantry for visitors to take home food if they are struggling.

Little London and Woodhouse’s community centre has been busier than it ever has been before.

To continue providing a comfortable and welcoming space, Woodhouse Community Centre want to buy new chairs as their old ones are used and approaching the end of their useful life.

Woodhouse needs the community’s help to fund their appeal.

Woodhouse Community Centre’s appeal to the public is to ‘Sponsor A Chair.’

Become a Woodhouse warrior, by sponsoring a chair for yourself or a loved one. Your donations will go towards funding the chairs which will make the centre a more comfortable experience for visitors.

 Woodhouse invites its warriors down to a coffee morning at least twice a year so they can visit the centre and see how their money is being used. 

To sponsor a chair visit:

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