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Babies join in “rave” at Leeds City Museum to celebrate hip hop culture

By Zoha Shah

HUNDREDS OF toddlers invaded Leeds City Museum last Saturday to celebrate hip hop culture.

In a session entitled Boomchikkaboom, children aged up to seven years old got the chance to show off their freestyle dancing while their parents sneaked in a few moves.

The event, which was attended by 1,500 people, also included DJ-ing, sound production, beatboxing, and graffiti, with the aim of giving people of all ages a flavour of hip hop culture.

Emma Walker, co-organiser of Hip Hop Community Day, said: “We are here to give the community and the city an awareness of hip hop culture.

“The elements of hip hop is that, there’s music, there’s graffiti, there’s break dancing and all of this is composed into one music genre and this genre then gives away to other things like music production.”

An unusual yet interesting feature in the event was an anti-bulling session which involved four school girls rapping about how deeply they feel about the issue.

Marvina Newton, CEO of Angel of Youths said: “Hip hop is a beautiful culture which always influences change and it doesn’t matter what someone’s background is or what postcode they come from.

“Music has a way of transcending and talking about issues like bulling in a way where people would understand you rather than judge you.”

The event was not only a way for visitors to enjoy the culture and the activities, but also for people in the same profession to get inspired.

Elliot McCabe, 21, a music producer, said: “I thought the event was brilliant, it’s great to showcase the local scene of Leeds and it’s inspiring as well, especially the music productions.”

MC Daddy Speedo and Jonie D from Leeds hip hop band The Original Rockers said: “I think hip hop only gives out positive messages and I think we should have more hip hop because internationally it’s the biggest selling music and it should be promoted more because it can be used to express so many things.”

During the baby rave the youngsters were encouraged to pop bubbles while dancing and got snow sprayed on them.

One of the parents, Laura Rhodes, 37, said: “My experience was really positive and I really enjoyed the baby rave. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was, and have as many activities for the children.”



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