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Artists and curators collaborate for innovative exhibition in Leeds

By Ian Molyneaux

A debut exhibition presented by MA students of Leeds Arts University is exploring the concept of resound.

Resound is defined as a space filled with noise, echoes or vibration.

Using this concept the curators have developed an environment with both visual artwork and sounds to delve into ideas of “memories, meaning, togetherness and alienation.”

Six students on the Curation Practices MA at the university have brought the exhibition together for the public to see and experience until 18th December.

Gill Crawshaw, one of the curators, said: “Our brief was sound, so it had to link into this.

“Quite early on we thought that we would like sound pieces but we would also like to have some visual representation of sound.

“We then came up with the concept of resound, filling a space, echoes and thinking about language and space.”

The brief was also circulated around the university so artists from all levels had the opportunity to be involved.

Crawshaw added: “Staff as well as students were asked to submit either existing work or ideas that fitted in to the themes of the exhibition.

“We had some wonderful work to choose from and we had to think about the space, how things work together, how the art speaks to each other and how it works visually.”

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