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Alternative media – The ‘Zine

Magazines have been on newsagent shelves for decades and they appeal to an incredible number of subcultures. From skateboarding magazines popularised in the 1990’s and early 2000’s to the glamorous world of fashion, there is everything in-between for all interests.
Football magazines have been sold outside stadiums nationwide, too, with alternative fan owned “fanzines” being produced for the spectators.

However, I have been speaking with Oliver Kent, owner and creator of ‘Shoot’ magazine that is tailored towards fashion, photography, creatives and skateboarding. Based in Leeds, Oliver is hoping to establish a subculture zine that will appeal to the youth of the city. Oliver works part-time at a bar in the suburb of Horsforth after leaving his degree behind at Leeds Arts College to create his own business. An avid skateboarder and photographer himself, the idea of ‘write what you know’ has stuck with him as he starts his adventure into magazine journalism.

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