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A 20-year-old defeats Yorkshire’s 32oz fish challenge

Queen St Fisheries platter filled with 32oz fish, five portion of chips, two bread-cakes and sides.

By Kamile Banyte.

An extreme food eater travelled 96 miles to take on a 32oz chippy challenge and managed to complete it in just 30 minutes.

Kyle Gibson, 20, from Houghton-le- Spring, Sunderland is the first person to demolish a ‘Queeny Special’ set by Queen St Fisheries, Morley, Leeds.

The challenge consists of a 32oz battered fish, two bread cakes, two large sides, six onion rings, two scoops of scraps and five portions of chips.

The contestants have 45 minutes to complete the challenge to receive a £15 cashback.

The 20-year-old who works full-time as a chef at The Wild Boar, Houghton-le-Spring said: “I found the challenge easy and the only difficult aspect was the temperature of the food, I actually burnt my mouth. It was nice to have the Mayor of Morley to present my £15.

“The eating started off as a hobby really, the first one being an ice cream challenge when I was just 16.

“I love to watch food programmes and YouTube channels like Man vs Food. I just find it fascinating.”

The owner of Queen St Fisheries, Phillip Bennett, who opened the shop back in March 2018, said:

“The challenge has brought a bit of attention, a bit of fun and a bit of exposure for our business as well as Kyle.

“We’ve had a lot of people attempt the challenge and it’s been really nice to have Kyle be the first one to complete it.”

Phillip is also an owner of Bennetts Quality Butchers, Queen Street, Morley, and is keen to set a ‘massive BBQ steak platter’ challenge in the first week of November.

He hopes to have a variety of 16oz steaks cooked just outside his shop and wants Kyle to be one of the first people to take on the challenge.

Kyle has his own YouTube channel with nearly 400 subscribers where he films his travels and challenges across the country.

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