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£1.5m ‘Cutting-edge’ lab opens at Bradford University


Freshers at Bradford University are set to take advantage of a new high-quality engineering laboratory when they begin their studies next week.

The £1.5m laboratory will combine theory with hands-on work and will

The £1.5m engineering laboratory will offer students hand-on experience.

The £1.5m engineering laboratory will offer students hands-on experience.

eliminate the need for separate theory based lectures.

Bradford University’s Vice Chancellor, Brian Cantor (CBE), said the new work environment will offer students a fantastic opportunity for hands-on work.

He said: “Engineers have to operate in a multi-disciplinary team work environment to make things happen.

“There isn’t an engineer in the world who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty to make real things, so having this lab is a fantastic facility for our students.”

But Mr Cantor admitted that more had to be done to raise awareness about the university to would get the university a higher place in the international league tables.

“We’re just not getting the message out. We’ve got brilliant facilities, students and unique, world-leading, activities, but people don’t know about it.

“I think we’ve been too nice for our own good. We haven’t been telling the world about our University and we have to get out and do that.”

The University is currently ranked in the top 600 internationally.

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